Back 2 School PAX Prime 2013 Giveaway!

Hello Summoners,

Here in Europe, most of us have started a new scholastic year and are already two weeks in..  leading to stress and bad moods… Therefore, in order to brighten up your days a bit, I will be giving away FORTHY SKIN CODES, yep, a WHOOPING 40 SKINS. This summer I attended Pax Prime 2013, and left Seattle with over 20 Pax Skin Code Cards in my luggage, skin codes which I will be giving away in this giveaway! In order to facilitate the giveaway process, I have created this entry form ( in which you guys need to enter your e-mail (which I will use to contact the winners) and LoL IGN (in the “Name” field). The 40 individual winners will be drawn on the 17th of October. The first 20 winners will be given a Riot Blitzcrank skin code whilst the second batch of 20 will be given an Arcade Hecarim code. I’ll keep you updated. Good luck.

TL;DR – Fill in and send the form found at to have a chance at winning one of the 40 skins I’ll be giving away (20 Riot Blitzrank skin codes and another 20 Arcade Hecarim skin codes)



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