Hey Summoners! Good news! I’ve decided that through the past weeks I’ll be giving away a ton of K-9 Nasus Skins! On the 14th of December, I’ll be picking one random person who will win 5 K-9 Nasus codes!!  After that date I will give away 1 K-9 Nasus skin code each Sunday for 4 consecutive Sundays to a random commenter! Comment for a chance to win!

Major giveaway! Link : 

To be able to participate in the major giveaway, follow the link provided above, register a LoL account and level your summoner/account you created to lvl. 5.  Once, you’ve done that, post in the comments below the username and e-mail used to register the account using this format:

Major Giveaway:-

Username :

E-mail  :


To win the 1 of the 4 codes I’ll be giving every Sunday after the major giveaway, all you have to do is comment on this post your e-mail so if you’re a winner I can send you the code directly.





    • Lauzibooy says:

      hey my email is Laus_tue_rasmussen@hotmail,com

      don’t know if i did it right but made an account from the link his in game name was Killergilbert i made him lvl 11

      • spryda says:

        Hey Luazi,
        I checked if there were any people which registered with that username and am disappointed to tell you that you probably didn;t follow the steps correctly, Sorry. If you got any proof that you seriously followed the link correctly done everything. Please, send an e-mail to

  1. Alexander Sabatini says:

    woot =3

  2. plb pingvinen says:
    PLB pingvinen

  3. Felix says:

    nice idea for christmas btw -.-

  4. daniel thisted larsen says:

    nice giveaway

  5. Jacjac says:

    My email is :

    I play Nasus, it’s my main character, please, would you like give me the code?

    Thanks !

  6. Jean says:

    My email is:

    Thanks a lot for what you are doing.

  7. FreakyWayne says:

    Major Giveaway:-

    Username : FreakyWayne

    E-mail :

  8. iaxaros says:

    Major Giveaway:-

    Username : iaxaros

    E-mail :

    • spryda says:

      Sir, I checked my list and there is no account registered with that e-mail with the link I gave above (in the post). You should and make a new account, sorry. Actually, or the system is bugged or I don’t know. It’s only working for a few people.

  9. laSw0w says:

    i would love to have one !

  10. Syliii says:

    nasus is one of my favourite champs
    i’d love to have this skin 😉

  11. Darkbirhan says:

    Hey i Play LoL on the NA servers and i heard this is a EU giveaway. I was wondering if you kind souls could spare me a used nasus code(also taking others that you have used 😀 been looking for pantheon) I Love to play him and never had the chance to get the card. just email your used code to

    I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT thank you and merry early christmas

    • spryda says:

      I’m Sorry Sir, but I will only give the codes to a random person. But we can come to an agreement. If you use my referral link and lvl an account to lvl 5, I will send you a code which was used on the European Servers but not on the American one.


  12. ivan says:

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PICK ME PLEASE!!!!

  13. Boss says:

    Major Giveaway:-

    Username : i am cookie

    E-mail :

  14. diksu says:

    pick me please if you have still those codes remaining! ^^

  15. Schokobon18 says:

    I love nasus,i’d be really glad to have this skin if possible.. good christmas everyone 🙂 thanks for your time!

  16. Schokobon18 says:

    oh i forgot to type my mail


  17. Tavs Bralis says:

    Major Giveaway:-

    Username : Tavs Bralis

    E-mail :
    owell. how much refferals u alrdy got?

  18. konchon says:

    Hey thanks for giving us the chance of having this skin 🙂

  19. Floopozord says:

    Major Giveaway:-

    Username : Floopozord

    E-mail :

  20. Mathrix says:

    Major Giveaway:-

    Username : Thiscode

    E-mail :

  21. Mathrix says:

    Major Giveaway:-

    Username: Thiscode


    I already posted this but it seems that it got deleted somehow!

  22. Tavs Bralis says:

    It’s december 14th 😕

  23. Mathrix says:

    So, who won?

  24. voldi says:

    No winner ?

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