Back 2 School PAX Prime 2013 Giveaway!

Hello Summoners,

Here in Europe, most of us have started a new scholastic year and are already two weeks in..  leading to stress and bad moods… Therefore, in order to brighten up your days a bit, I will be giving away FORTHY SKIN CODES, yep, a WHOOPING 40 SKINS. This summer I attended Pax Prime 2013, and left Seattle with over 20 Pax Skin Code Cards in my luggage, skin codes which I will be giving away in this giveaway! In order to facilitate the giveaway process, I have created this entry form ( in which you guys need to enter your e-mail (which I will use to contact the winners) and LoL IGN (in the “Name” field). The 40 individual winners will be drawn on the 17th of October. The first 20 winners will be given a Riot Blitzcrank skin code whilst the second batch of 20 will be given an Arcade Hecarim code. I’ll keep you updated. Good luck.

TL;DR – Fill in and send the form found at to have a chance at winning one of the 40 skins I’ll be giving away (20 Riot Blitzrank skin codes and another 20 Arcade Hecarim skin codes)



Latest News – Summary

Hey Summoners,

This is a summary of some activity which took place recently 🙂

Dodge Runes

Dodge runes are being removed from the game. The IP used to purchase these runes will be refunded next patch. The dodge runes are also being replaced by the following runes :

 Lesser Quintessence of Endurance  Increase HP by 0.84%  165 IP
 Quintessence of Endurance  Increase HP by 1.17%  820 IP
 Greater Quintessence of Endurance  Increase HP by 1.5%  2050 IP

 Lesser Quintessence of Transmutation  Increase Spell Vamp by 1.12%  165 IP
 Quintessence of Transmutation  Increase Spell Vamp by 1.56%  820 IP
 Greater Quintessence of Transmutation  Increase Spell Vamp by 2.00%  2050 IP

 Lesser Quintessence of Vampirism  Increase Life Steal by 1.12%  165 IP
 Quintessence of Vampirism  Increase Life Steal by 1.56%  820 IP
 Greater Quintessence of Vampirism  Increase Life Steal by 2.00%  2050IP

 Lesser Quintessence of Destruction  Increase Armor Penetration by 1.11/Magic Penetration by .63  165 IP
 Quintessence of Destruction  Increase Armor Penetration by 1.55/Magic Penetration by .88  820 IP
 Greater Quintessence of Destruction  Increase Armor Penetration by 2.00/Magic Penetration by 1.13  2050 IP

 Lesser Mark of Destruction  Increase Armor Penetration by .56/Magic Penetration by .32  65 IP
 Mark of Destruction  Increase Armor Penetration by .74/Magic Penetration by .44  330 IP
 Greater Mark of Destruction  Increase Armor Penetration by 1.00/Magic Penetration by .57  820 IP

 Lesser Seal of Endurance  Increase HP by 0.28%  65 IP
 Seal of Endurance  Increase HP by 0.39%  330 IP
 Greater Seal Endurance  Increase HP by 0.5%  820 IP

 Greater Seal of Avarice  0.25 Gold / 10 Sec  410 IP

Some skills are also being re-made such as Jax’s ‘e’ etc.

New Champion,  Ahri

Riot Games have released a new champion : Ahri, The Nine-Tail Fox

One can find the champion spotlight of this swift, sexy assasin here :

New Limited Availability Christmas Skins!

Riot have realeased a couple of skin which will only be available during the Christmas Period. They cost 975 RP each.

These skins are Snowerdinger, Toy Soldier Gangplank, Festive Maokai and Mistletoe LeBlanc

P.S. Click the the name if the skin of which you would like to have a preview of.

Summoner Showcase No. 57 – Let it Snow!

Check out the new Candy-Cane-wielded Summoner Showcase below!

Sources : /



K-9 Nasus Codes Giveaway WINNER!

Hey Summoners,

Back from vacation! We all know you don’t give a crap about all the amazing museums I visited, the magnificent structures I saw, how many GameStop shops I raided, etc. so I’ll go straight to the point.. THE WINNER OF THE MAJOR GIVEAWAY (5 K-9 NASUS SKIN CODES) IS ‘i am cookie‘! Congratulations! I will send you the code by e-mail. If it fails to be recieved e-mail me at

Thanks to all those who participated. Don’t forget the giveaways on the following 4 Sundays. Good luck to all!




Hey Summoners! Good news! I’ve decided that through the past weeks I’ll be giving away a ton of K-9 Nasus Skins! On the 14th of December, I’ll be picking one random person who will win 5 K-9 Nasus codes!!  After that date I will give away 1 K-9 Nasus skin code each Sunday for 4 consecutive Sundays to a random commenter! Comment for a chance to win!

Major giveaway! Link : 

To be able to participate in the major giveaway, follow the link provided above, register a LoL account and level your summoner/account you created to lvl. 5.  Once, you’ve done that, post in the comments below the username and e-mail used to register the account using this format:

Major Giveaway:-

Username :

E-mail  :


To win the 1 of the 4 codes I’ll be giving every Sunday after the major giveaway, all you have to do is comment on this post your e-mail so if you’re a winner I can send you the code directly.



Skins on sale!

Hello Summoners,

Right now there is a sale on General Wukong, High Command Katarina and Aviator Irelia.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get these awesome skins at such an awesome price! 🙂

In-Game General Wukong : 

In-Game High Command Katarina : 

In-Game Aviator Irelia : 

Cho’Gath – Champion Spotlight

Hey Summoners,

Today RiotGamesInc. have published Cho’Gath’s champion spotlight on their YouTube channel! About time, huh? In this spotlight, our pro-jungler phreak explains Cho’Gaths skills,  shows us some gameplay of his with the terror of the void and gives us some suggestions about items, runes and masteries.

Hello World!

Hello Summoners,

today I just created this blog out of pure boredom. In the future I will post  gameplay videos, item builds, news and also GIVEAWAYS.  Stay tuned..

– Spryda